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LiveMapGIS is a dynamic Internet mapping product developed by the GIS Team at RBF Consulting. LiveMapGIS allows clients to access, edit and query GIS data via the Internet using their own standard web browser. With this highly sophisticated Internet mapping product, clients can easily map, look-up, and change their GIS data. LiveMapGIS can be customized to meet the varied needs and custom application concerns. Clients lease space on RBF’s servers and use the RBF team’s experience in setting up a live GIS web map. LiveMapGIS is like a “starter kit” for web mapping where RBF has already incurred the costs and our clients can realize the benefits for a realistic monthly fee. The GIS Team at RBF proudly provides this GIS data access tool as a new service to our clients. For more information, please email info@livemapGIS.com.
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